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For Eternity - Imhotep's Children

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Game Description

"For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" is a city-builder strategy game set in acient egypt.

Egypt, four and a half thousand years ago, pharaohs are ruling over the ancient land at the nile. Your family's destiny is tied to these mighty rulers and to the gods they cherish. Tame the wild on the bank of the nile. Starting with a small group of settlers, your family creates the metropolises of this ancient world. In uncertain times, which can only be caused by war, oppression, resentment and greed for power, the people of your city turn their heads to you, to guide them the way, as a shining star in the dark sky. Through trade and the skills of your craftsmen, you build the monuments that are destined - For Eternity.

 For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Story

The campaing is divided into 18 mission and tells a story of a family through multiple generations. Their lifes are marked by happyness, suffering and grief. At this point we don't want to spoile more details about the campaign story itself.

But from a technical point of view we can tell you, that the story is told through mission breifings at the begining and end of each mission (both with voice over) and through multiple unique events that occur during the playing of a mission (no voice over but possible through Kickstarter-Milestone).

 For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Play Modes

In addition to a campaign you'll be able to play selected maps of the campaign and special design maps in a sandbox mode.

This mode will be an endless game with no specific goals but with a lot of events that can tell a unique story each time you play.

"For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" will be a singleplayer only game.



For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Content

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Content
To the basic content (on the left side) the additional content (right side) will be added
if the Kickstarter campaign is successful and the game will be ship for Ubuntu-Linuy and macOS.


Planed DLCs:

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Content


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Gameplay

You'll be planing and building your city on a squared based map. Special production buildings are producing goods which can be used to sattisfy the demmand of the city's population or sold through a Trading Post for money.

The population does not only demand goods, they also demand sevices like healthcare or entertainment. Settlers come and go if they are happy or angry, so fulfilling their demands is one of you mayor task. This attrack new people which grow your city further.

But not only your population is demanding things from you there are also other character that asking for your attention. They are devided into two groups. First there is the ruler this can be a vizier, general and pharaoh, there will be only one per map/mission.

The other group can be quite demanding, they are the gods. Each map/mission has 1-3 gods that are battling for your attention.

The games main control scheme will be based on mouse & keyboard. If the game is ported to other platforms like Playstation 4 | XBox One | Nintendo Switch , other input schemes will be implemented.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Kickstarter

KickstarterAugust 20th - September 16th

So you might ask why Kickstarter?
- The honest answer is simple. Game development is very time intensive, which results in high production costs. We already invested thousands and thousands of euros into this project and we will continue doing that. But at the end, we need to make money, to have a return on our investment.
We decided to have a Kickstarter campaign not entirely to make money. Our main argument for our campaign is to work with you, our community, and to find out what and how we should improve "For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" to make it a more awesome and sattisfying experience.
From our point of view this would reduce the risk so we don't have to fear that we lose our investment entirely. And it would give you a chance to be part of the final game.

Now you could ask what we'll do with the Kickstarter money?
- We'll invest the money, the full sum. We'll invest it into things we can't do by our own. For example to translate the game into other languages or for voice overs. This things are extras and we think that you would appreciate those things but they cost extra money and are not included into
our expenditure plan for the basic game. In addition to that we want to offer all of you, whether you are playing on Windows, OSX, Linux or any other platform, a smooth and fantastic experience with "For Eternity - Imhotep's Children". To achieve that we need to test the game on as many platforms and systems
as possible. But hardware is a very expensive thing and so that would be one of the expensive we would make with the money from the campaign.

- So with your help and funding we want to increase the game's quality to the next level and by that create a better experience for you with "For Eternity - Imhotep's Children".


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Languages



For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Platforms & System Requirements

Platforms & System Requirements

We are aiming for this system requirements, they can change during the development process. For other platforms they are definded by the console hardware.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Distribution Platforms

We are planing to release "For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" on  Steam . In addition to our release on  Steam  we intend to release the game on GOG , too. Due to their selection process, there is a chance that GOG could reject us.

If the Kickstarter-Campaign is successful and further platforms are unlocked, through baking milestones
( Playstation 4 | XBox One | Nintendo Switch ), the game will be purchasable on those marketplaces as well.

Right now we are planning a to distribute only on online platforms.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Timeline & Milestones

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Timeline

A detailed production timeline of our milestones is available on our company page here.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - The Creators

"For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" is made by a multinational team from all over the world. The stroy is written by industry veterans with experience of multiple titles, among them AAA titles like EVE Online. Our music composer worked for Hollywood companies like Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions (wikipedia), Henry Jackman’s Sacred Tiger Music (wikipedia) and Warner Bros. Pictures Music.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Community

We are not only on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter and Youtube !

You can also join our Discord community or visit our Twitch channel.

In addition you an look into our Dev-Blog on our company page to be always up to date and get more background information about the game.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Videos & Images

You can find more Watch Trailers & Gamplay Videos and Screenshots & Image Gallery on our main page.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Press Kit

We have a simple Downloads - Press Kit and a more detailed one is available upon request.

Please conntact us at







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