For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Construction & Transportation Camp

Our next buildings are 2 camps, the construction and transportation camp. Together with the tent, they are the only buildings that don't need construction work.

Construction Camp:

Construction Camp

This building is the base for construction workers. Besides tents, construction camps and transportation camps
all buildings require some amount of construction work done. The NPCs from this building will do the required construction.

Transportation Camp:

Transportation Camp

All goods in "For Eternity - Imhotep's Children" require transportation at some point. If they are needed by a processing
building, for trading at the trading post or for storing in a storage yard. The transporter NPCs use this building as their base
to get new transportation job.


For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Housing Buildings

Housing Buildings:

Your population needs a roof above their heads. For this purpose there are 3 buildings included in the game.


The first building in our list is the tent.
The tent is the only building that is builable through the normal build menu.
It provides a shelter for only a few citizens of your city and those aren't very demanding.


The second building is the first upgrade to the tent.
It can host more citizen then the tent but this comes with a higher demand for goods and services.




The last upgrade, the upgrade of the house, is the villa.
This is the larges of the housing buildings but it provides a home to more people than every other building.
But this comes with a price. Further more luxurious goods and service are riquired to keep the inhabitants
of this building happy.

For Eternity - Imhotep's Children - Info, General Buildings & Road


For the next weeks we'll publish small articles every day. Each article will introduce you to a building or more than one and will give you more background information about the purpose of that specific building(s).

In addition to this small chunks of information we'll publish more detailed articles once a week. This special articles take a deeper look in specific features and mechanics of the game (e. g. how trading works).


General Buildings:

The first category of buildings we take a look into is "General Buildings".

General Buildings

In this category there are 7 buildable buildings and 2 upgrades. So in total this category includes a  total of 9 buildings.
This buildings are for a common use or are very essential for the games mechanics.




Roads are one of the essential "buildings" of the game.
By allowing NPCs to move faster through the city, roads are the key to a efficient city.
Some special services require access to a network of roads to deliver their services to the customer.

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